Small Update

Slowly working on clearing out the GACKT collection and thinning out the dolls too.
Lots of items going up on Ebay on Friday. ^_^

Otherwise, I've had a lot of deaths in the family these past months, plus a robbery to my apartment, and some medical issues.  Working on getting things back to 'normal'.

Ollie (my 8 month old German Shepherd) is having surgery on the 7th.

I miss all my friends and I hope you are doing well!

Happy Belated V-day & Easter! ^_^

More Ollie

Well, a girl from night shift called in so they switched me to nights for the next 3 days...which means I had extra time today to take Ollie for a long walk and take pictures!


Olivera growing up

Olivera "Ollie" is now 11 weeks old.  He's weighing in around 22 lbs and has learned "Sit" "Fetch" & "Down"
The most exciting news.... is that his ears have started to stand up!

Look at dem ears!!!



In case you've been missing me.... ^_^;;
It's been a long time since updating.  I have a new job, still working on my Master's, and got a new puppy.
This is Sir Olivera von Feiertage or Ollie
He's 6 weeks old in these pics.  He's 9 weeks old today.

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